How many times a day do you see a commercial for hiring an attorney for social security benefits? Several times, right? You would think there was an epidemic of people with disabilities needing help. That really is the case because more and more people are without the financial assistance they need to function every day. The choice to hire an attorney to get the government benefits deserved isn’t always easy or affordable. We all know money is a necessity and without it, some aspects of lives are lost.

There are so many reasons why someone receives a social security or disability check from the government. It could be due to an accident causing you not to work, a loved one dying and leaving benefits for their spouse, or from mental issues causing one not to operate in this world as they were created to do. One main reasons to hire an attorney with expertise in this field is to increase your chances of being approved by the government. This is proven by statistics for one to be represented by an attorney versus one who is not. They would know exactly how to present your case and to draft a detailed brief to the ALJ or Administrative Law Judge for the hearing. It is recommended to contact one as soon as possible to get your case started when you know you may need to file for disability.

Costs is a factor one must consider when hiring an attorney to represent your case in court. Even if you hired a social security attorney Kingsport TN, the same amount you will receive each month would be the same in another city because the case is from government. Attorney and advocates working on your behalf are paid a contingency which means they will not get paid unless you win your case. This is wonderful because you won’t be out of any money for trying to receive funding from the government. However, if there are any past-due or back pay amounts owed, the attorney would receive that. Otherwise there isn’t anything for them to collect from you. If you have to pay, the attorney is taken care of after the first check is issued, which is up to $6000 before the agency sends it to you!

Knowing you have someone on your side to defend you for what you rightfully deserve gives you assurance. I cannot imagine the amount of cases seen before a judge every day for people to receive a monthly disability check. Several forms must be filled out to get the process started and someone who is inexperienced can get really lost. There are medical documents that must be retrieved, attend hearings, interview witnesses and more. It takes someone who knows the ropes which will make things easy on you to gather all you need in an efficient way. Make sure you choose wisely and do as much research on the attorney before you make a sound decision.