Social security disability (SSI) is to assist people who can’t work because they are disabled. Disability payments are always supposed to be there when a worker needs them, but they aren’t easy to get. The Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits program is a federally funded program the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) administers.

SSA only provides these payments to workers it decides meet the criteria. That’s why many people need a social security disability winchester va attorney to help them secure payments. Many people are truly disabled but may not meet the SSA’s criteria for eligibility.

What is Social Security Disability Benefits?

The payments are given to the worker and certain members of their family if eligibility requirements are met. The payments are sent every month for a certain amount depending on how much money the worker made and how long they worked. For instance, the worker has worked long enough to earn credits. Credits are earned each year a person works and depends on the amount of money made that year.

The Worker Must be Unable to Work Any Job
The second eligibility requirement for disability payments is the worker can’t work for the rest of their life or at least for 12 months. This means they can’t do the job duties they had prior to becoming disabled. The reason for their disability must be a medical condition that is expected to last for more than 12 months or result in their death.

The Worker Must Meet the SSA’s Definition of Disabled

Once a worker meets the requirement of not being able to permanently work, the SSA needs them to meet another requirement for benefits. The SSA has a disability definition. This definition means the worker can’t do any other job. The SSA looks at the worker’s education and work history to find them suitable job prospects. If the SSA can’t find suitable employment for the worker, they meet its definition of disabled.

The Worker is Too Young to Retire

If the worker is old enough to retire, the SSA may determine they can receive other government benefits like social security payments. This means the worker would be turned down for disability payments. However, a worker too young to retire would meet this disability requirement.

The Worker Can’t be on Short-term Disability

The SSA won’t provide benefits to a worker who is on partial or short-disability. Partial or short-term disability indicates a worker may be able to return to their job. This means the worker would have to rely on those benefits only.

Hire an Attorney to Help Secure Disability Payments

Obtaining social security disability benefits isn’t as easy as completing an application. The worker must have a good reason to obtain the benefits and unable to work by the government’s standards. To understand how to complete a disability application and what is needed to prove the worker is truly disabled, contact a social security disability attorney.