Car accidents are stressful. If it’s a minor accident, you’re going to be late. You’re going to deal with insurance, with repair shops, and with the headache of being on the phone with insurance adjusters and agents in the coming days. If it’s a serious accident, you might require medical attention, surgery, a long hospital stay, and even recovery. Your car might be totaled, and you might need a new one. You might suffer from emotional distress following an accident. You might be confused and disoriented, but you should never utter one phrase following a car accident.

Never Say “I’m Sorry”

If you are involved in a car accident, do not use the word sorry. Even if you are not to blame for the accident, anyone could use that simple word to cause significant financial problems in your life. For example, you might use this word to say, “Sorry you’re going to be late to work because you have to sit here with us and wait for the police to speak to you,” to someone who is a witness. That statement sounds innocent enough, but the witness might misunderstand you. They might think you’re apologizing because you caused the accident doing something wrong. This could be used against you, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company might deny your claim if it’s in the police report.

Speak to No One

Do not speak to anyone following a car accident. You may get out of your car and contact the police to report the accident, but do not say sorry. You may ask if the other driver is all right, and you may ask if anyone who stopped to help witnessed the accident. Do not say anything else once you know everyone is all right and the police are on their way. Spend your time taking photos if you feel well enough to document the accident. If you don’t, wait for medical assistance.

Do Not Forgo Medical Attention

The problem facing many drivers is they don’t feel pain immediately. Nothing seems broken, there’s no blood, and they expect they’re just bruised and sore. It’s important to recognize not all injuries are visible. Many internal injuries require immediate medical care, and you might not even realize you are injured internally. It’s safer to see the doctor and rule out any internal injuries. Rationalizing you’re fine because you don’t have any visible injuries is not worth your life to save a little money on your co-pay. A personal injury attorney Northfield NJ will advise you to see the doctor immediately for your health and for a future lawsuit.

The safest way to avoid accidentally or incorrectly incriminating yourself in an accident is to speak to no one. If you find that others are trying to talk to you, make it a point to excuse yourself to make a phone call to your spouse, your boss, your doctor, or anyone else who needs to know what’s going on. This handles your personal situation as well as prevents you from unintentionally incriminating yourself.