Family law is one of the most common types of law that’s practiced. New York is one of those states that tend to have a lot of these cases. With so many cases coming in and out, it would be helpful if the court setup some kind of family law software NY. While most people have heard of family law, they aren’t really sure what kind of cases are seen. This is a list of some of the most common types of family law cases.

Child Support

One of the most common types of family law is child support. This is the payment that one parent makes to another parent on behalf of the child. It’s supposed to be used on things for the child, including paying bills to keep them comfortable. The biggest reason these cases need to be settled in court is because the paying parent either doesn’t want to pay or doesn’t agree with the amount that they’ve been told they need to pay.

Child Custody

Child custody battles can be very nasty and time consuming. There are a few different kind of custody, including: sole, shared, and visitation. There are a lot of hurdles to jump through in order to get custody set up and it can be a very overwhelming process. While custody can be figured out outside of court, these agreements are not the law and the other parent doesn’t have to abide by the guidelines.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is very scary and sad. When the victim decides to press charges, it’s handled in court. Doing things this way is the best way to make sure that the person who hurt the victim gets the punishment they deserve. If the victim doesn’t press charges, then there really isn’t any way for them to get justice and the aggressor will be able to get off scott-free.


Another common family law case is divorces. Divorces happen all the time. Since these can’t become legal outside of court, they’re one of the most common cases that come through family law. Sometimes divorces are easy because there aren’t any assets or children and both people are ready to part ways. Other times, one or the other wants to make things hard and this can actually draw out the entire process for several months or years. The judge can help figure things out.


The final type of family law cases that’s pretty common is adoption. There are a few different types of adoption and it needs to go through the court in order to ensure it’s legal. Depending on the circumstances, these are typically settled fairly quickly and without too much fuss.

Now that you’ve seen some of the most common cases, you’ll probably realize that you’ve had family that have went through them or you’ve went through them yourself. If you have any ideas of how the software can work, don’t be afraid to give suggestions.